Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)

1) Is there any admission fee for visiting the National Education Museum?

Answer: There is no admission fee for visiting the National Education Museum. It is totally free.

2. When the operating hour of national Education Museum?

Answer: The operating hour of National Education Museum is at 9.00AM till 4.00PM. The Museum is open everyday  for visiting except on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.

3. Is There any procedure for a group of people such as from tourist, school or other agency to visit the Museum?

Answer: For a better service as tour guide service and history of education briefing, visitor are advice to write a formal letter to the Director of National Education Museum 1 week before the visit.

4. Can visitor come to the museum as individual or group without first sending any official letter?

Answer: Yes of course you can National Education Museum is open for public and you can come anytime during the operation hour.

5. What kind of service that offered by National Education Museum?

Answer: National Education Museum offer several service such as:
     i     – Artifact and education historical research.
     ii    – Borrowing artifact.
     iii   – Purchasing artifact.
     iv   – Artifact conservation.
     v    – Exhibition.
     vi   – Interesting program and educational activity.

6. Can students, other agency or any or any party make an exhibition at the museum?

Answer: Yes of course you can. You only need to send official letter about the exhibition proposal to the director of National Education Museum Approval is subject to the discretion of the Director of the Museum.

7. Can I conduct research collaboration with the Museum?

Answer:Yes you can. The National Education Museum welcome any research collaboration with any parties. Approval is subject to the dicretion of the Directore of the Museum.